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3 main advantages of Proxy

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Web Proxy, as its name, is a web- proxy based server that serves as Anonymizer. Web Proxy served as
an intermediary between you (the client) with a web server (destination or target), and all connection
will pass “pipeline” of web proxy. In the searching process, your IP will not be showed on the screen or
database of web server as a web proxy to hide or make your IP anonymous.
Free Web Proxy itself is divided into two types, namely CGI Proxy and PHP Proxy. To use a web proxy
(no matter free or paid), quite easy, you just enter the URL in the space provided and click Go or Surf or
Browse or Submit, etc. You can search for free proxies and paid proxies on the proxy list that can easily
be found in many search engines like and Now, I will explain 3 advantages of
proxy are usually used by Internet users worldwide.

Web Proxy Function
1. Anonymizer
If your IP has been changed / hidden by the Web Proxy, so you can browse anonymously and protect
your privacy.

2. Bypass Internet Filtering or Unblock Website
When we access a site often we get an access denied or internet filtering that means we are not allowed
to visit the site. The main reason is because the servers or providers that we use have blocked these
sites. This often happens when we are on campus or office; we cannot access some social and popular
sites, such as Facebook, Youtube, etc.

3. Free Internet
Many Internet users are looking for free internet tricks for specific provider by utilizing the Web Proxy
service. The method is mostly used to translate a web address into the Proxy IP Address, and then enter
the proxy in APN settings on the HP as well as Firefox browser.

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Where can you find a proxy server?

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Well you can find it anywhere in the sense; there are literally millionns across the globe. All you
have to do is type “web proxy” or “proxy server” into Google and you can choose whichever
you want.. There are some websites which are dedicated to keeping a list of proxy servers. The
wise thing is to use different proxy servers and not the same on routine basis.That is because
network administrators are definitely smart people and trained too. As the Proxy servers are
known to eat up a lot of bandwidth as well as system resources your network admin may notice
it quite quickly because when you are using the same proxy server regularly the admin can
observe that all the traffic going to that website and take a look and also realize it’s a proxy
server, and end up blocking that web site, also. Therefore opting for a different proxy server
can help you in outsmarting the admin.

This relentless cat and mouse game amongst the users who like to access their favourite
website and those who want to block that access can be controlled to some extent with the
help of the proxy server.

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What exactly is a proxy server and how does it work?

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Well A “proxy server” is instrumental in displaying the blocked website. How does it help in a
blocked site scenario is when you type a URL / web address into your browser the network
goes about checking the address entered with those of the banned ones for eg say http:// Conversely, the web address of the proxy server website is perhaps not
blocked, in which case network allows the traffic to go through from there. Which means
simply put the proxy server plays the role of being a transfer point wherein your workplace
computer isn’t going to the banned website but your computer is going to another computer
that is going to the website which is how a proxy server works. Also the proxy websites allow
you to access the websites anonymously by withhelding your identity for eg your IP address,
country or browser and operating system info is not disclosed. This is exactly the reason that the anonymous proxies are quite popular.

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Unblock Social Websites With Web Proxies

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Each one of us may have experienced this scenario sometime or the other. We are bored at
workplace or wherever we are studying and think of having a quick glance at any of the social
networking sites like Facebook, or maybe think of watching your favourite video on the ever
popular YouTube; only to be disappointed at finding those sites to be blocked by either the
employer or the administration. This definitely can be frustrating. But there is hope and you can
access those irresistible websites that you are addicted to by exploring some techniques which
can be used to unblock website either at work or at your educational place.

The first method is quite simple. One can just try another browser than the default one
available and it is likely the network administrators have blocked sites only on that browser; the
most popular one being internet explorer. In that case all you have to do is go for a different
browser like google chrome, netscape, Opera firefox, safari or google chrome. But if your
network admin is shrewd then it is likely that the other browsers also are blocked. In which case
you are back to square one and the only alternative is the second option which can be useful
in unblocking website that you desire. You have another option and there is still a fair chance
for you to go for that favourite video on You Tube or catch your friends on Facebook. Proxy
servers is the magic word.

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The Answer to Boundless Surfing: Proxy Servers

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All of us either experience it or get to know about it from someone or the other. After being bored at
work or at school, there is sometimes an inevitable desire to open your Facebook page or go for a quick
video available on the YouTube. But to add to our dismay, these sites are sometimes found blocked
and there is no conceivable way to unblock a website that we know of. Undoubtedly frustrating and for
some, a little insulting and we search for ways to get out of it.

Two of them are most prevalent:
• The first is a simple way in which you start using a new Browser altogether. The websites are
sometimes made in a way that targets the most used Web Browsers. Although it depends a
great deal on the Network administrator’s awareness, but you can take a chance by using a little
different and a little rare Browser names of the industry and with a dozen of options out there,
it is not very difficult to find an alternative. Workplaces and schools lock their computer surfing
abilities so tightly that an average user does not necessarily have the freedom of installing other
software. If the operating system you are using is Windows, check if they left MSN Explorer onto
it. In case it has been, give it a try.

Otherwise, there is always a plan B where we come to proxy servers, a sure shot option of
breaking the blocking paradigm. Proxies allow the user to surf internet ensuring high levels of
security, privacy and an anonymous surfing experience. While you access any website using
proxies, information such as browser location, type, IP address and operating system there is
exclusion of divulging such as these leaving your computer to be detected as a an accessing
computer in place of its original identity. This facilitates experience web browsing without any
information being detected or identified which enables bypassing firewalls and network filters.
So it facilitates being the transfer point. The computer ends up in another computer’s address
that is open to Facebook, YouTube and etc.

So where to find some proxy server? The answer is: Anywhere. Literally there are hundreds of such
offerings across the World. Search the terms “web proxy” or “proxy server” in a search engine and pick
the one from the upcoming proxy list that you like. Even you can find websites that have dedicated their
services to proxy servers finding one of which should be put to use. The reason being proxy servers eats
up a lot of resources that network administrators would not want to shell. When they observe the traffic
going to a particular website, they detect it being a proxy server and end up blocking it. So you have to
keep changing the proxies from time to time or using different servers at vivid times of a day.

So a little brain and a pool of resources at your disposal, it is inevitable that you would exercise your
wishes of using YouTube and Facebook.

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List Of Proxy 2012

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5kwOps List Of Proxy 2012

List Of Proxy
Fresh New Proxy Sites Every day For Unblocking Websites . Unblock Facebook, Unblock YouTube, Unblock Twitter – Unblock All Your Favorites Websites!
At List Of we provide a list of active new web proxy sites to help you to browse and unblock the internet safely and anonymously. Most Up-To-Date Proxy List on the Internet.
Our list of proxy are checked in real-time results 24/7. Since proxy sites are checked continually all day you can be sure to find a reliable database of working proxies that have worked within the last 24hrs.
These proxy sites are very useful if you need to bypass  any of the web content filters at work or school.
New proxy sites are being added daily so bookmark us and share us with your friends too.
Listed below are new list of proxy sites from our list (updated daily)
We have the best proxy sites on the internet. Our list of proxy is huge and our proxies are used by thousands every day to bypass web filters. This proxies are fast and reliable.

Top Proxy:


(More Proxies)

(Submit Proxies)

Web Proxies is free anonymous service which aims to bypass internet restrictions (such as web filters, firewalls etc) to give you freedom online. The chances are you are at work, college or school and can never access your favorite sites due to the web filter – use our service to bypass filters.

Not only does bypass restrictions it also acts as an online anonymous service which protects your real identity. We hide your IP, ISP and country location so you remain anonymous to every website you visit!

A proxy site gives you the ability to unblock websites that have been blocked on your computer at school or work like facebook and twitter. While using a web proxy you temporarily change your IP address so that website owners will not be able to trace who has been on their website.

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